GTA Online: What we want in 2019

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  1. Francis says:

    I disagree with the part where you said that the Police Update will not happen. If you played the heists there was a Setup mission where you had to dress up as cops and then steal their cop so that you can get the schedule for the prisoner, So the Cop uniforms are still in the game, so Rockstar can easily reused them in the update. Besides we can already dress up as the Military and even go into the base since we own a Hanger. So the cop the update will make sense because in real life there are some corrupt cops out there and Rockstar can make us become the cop while at the same time still sticking with the criminal aspect.

    1. Kyle Evans says:

      I see where you’re coming from but of course, in the HEISTS we were criminals. I can’t see R* doing it simply because when people got the Uniform in free roam they took it off them all and even punished some people for it. Along with when they allowed us to store the Sheriff Police Car in our garages back in 2013, they forced removed them from us 🙁

    2. VGK DangerZone says:

      One word “Casino “

  2. You forgot to mention zombies. A zombie survival job would be great.

  3. Jay says:

    I’d love to own a mansion up in the mountains.

  4. Cheterbob87 says:

    I would like to see R* eliminate lock on ability once a business supply is collected or a sale is trying to be made. This is in effect during a business battle with vehicles. Once cargo, supplies, product, or arms are on your person lock on can no longer happen. This would help with griefers who are out to just seek and destroy equity and supplies that can be worth millions( full bunker, full LG cargo warehouses) and hours of legitimate grinding.

    1. mouses says:

      This is why I don’t bother selling unless I am in a lobby with only people I know. There’s really easy (and legit, you’re not going to get in trouble for them!) ways to be in a public session yet totally solo or only with friends.

      I got really tired of it too – nothing was worse than moving millions worth of product just to have some annoying griefer in a overpowered flying motorcycle take it out with one shot that requires zero skill to pull off.

  5. Lucasain says:

    You left out a few things.

    *Something that can turn the Opressor MK II into the Oppressed YET which is not itself just another griefer’s dream vehicle. A weapon that would EMP every vehicle within missile lock range allowing one to then PVP the oppressor griefer would be nice.

    *Not just houses bring in mansions and make them a complete place to work and play. Give em every kind of activity in the game (after fully upgraded) and a place to run every business even auto theft and get paid WITHOUT having to sell. A truly passive income of something like a million dollars deposited into maze bank automatically.

    *Some version of the GTA V stock market. Maybe make every CEO business into something that NPC’s can invest in, and you can invest in your own stock. Thereby earning a large bonus for completing missions. Allow players to invest in NPC’s businesses, then manipulate the stock through their acts.

    *A true expansion for GTAV that can also be played via gta online, a UFO or black project aircraft that has to be kept in a hangar at ft Zancudo or better yet in an underground facility. To get it should mean having to complete something akin to the doomsday heist and pay millions of GTA$$ . (Maybe an independence day like scenario which whenever someone in session plays it effects the whole session. Heck making it an update to GTA V like a zombie mode type DLC but with aliens. ) After completing this it should get you a vehicle that can fly beyond max normal height and rapid fire orbital cannon grade ordinance with 100% accuracy.

    This expansion would also bring everything that exist in GTA online into GTA V and advance the stories of the three main characters in some way. We’d get to see some sort of update on each of them.

  6. 1. Pedestrian zombies for in freemode lobbies.

    2. Open the Ski Resort at the top of Mt Chiliad for skiing and snowboarding for December in freemode lobbies.

    3. Add a back seat to the original Oppressor gliding motorcycle.

    4. Add wings to the Batmobile making it a gliding vehicle like the Oppressor since we know we’re never getting the Batwing.

    5. Allow players to utilize the gym on the beach to increase strength and appear more healthy and fit.

    6. Allow players to eat healthy or junk food to increase health and/or appear more healthy or obese.

    7. In freemode lobbies, allow players to be Police officers, Medics, Firemen or Uber drivers with decent payouts for stopping ‘troll players.

  7. Lamont Davis says:

    I want a heist ran by a female
    That clears up loose ends in,all the other heist
    Find the cliffy file and send clones relentlessly

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think there should be a off road update were we can lift up the vehicle and carry moonshine up to the mountains only a thought but I have thought of more

  9. Joe says:

    I agree with most of these things but to be completely honest I’m in the MC community and I think Ik speak for all of us when I say GIVE US BIKERS 2 PLEASE. Check out the videos on YouTube by Felix President of The Banshees MC on PS4 and The Banished Ones on Xbox. More than 100 MCs on both platforms have petitions for Bikers 2. Rockstar if you read this ever please give it consideration as we are still your biggest and loyalist community still active playing GTA.

  10. finnan duggan says:

    I think there should be a off road update where you put lift kits on Jeep’s and have snorkels that actualy work and the theme being moonshine this could have a collaboration with musscle cars so you run from cops who also have new cars which of course go with what terrain there on the Jeep’s could go up mountains where your shop or the place for selling moonshine

  11. Big_JilmBig_39 says:

    Rockstar screwed us badly. I know everyone hears this all the time, but i got banned for nothing. I did greif a little bit, but i complained to this dude’s 4 over a year about the greifing that happened and they said nothing was against that rule. I have bought over $2,000 worth of shark cards, and personally reported over 100 modders. I am done and beyond reproach.
    Last update they banned many people without reason and then reinstated the accounts fully. Everytime they re-do the cheater catching software, they havn innocent people. I play on PC Steam, which is only about 2% of their whole player list, seems they refuse to help when wrongfully banning people. I think that people should get rewarded for helping catch moddrrs & receive free GTA $ instead of only using unreliable banning software. It’s worthless to have faulty software even if ot catches 500 cheaters, if it falsely bans one innocent person. I think rockstar should be held to the fire for any and still false bans they put out. Me being one of them. I was ranked 217. I owned every business maxed out, top 20 cards, all good jets and choppers, and specialty items/ vehicles. I grinded for 1,200 n made hundreds of millions of legitimate gta$ and all of ot robbed from the faulty software. No looking into it, Just a copy n paste notice from all of the people who ignore the pc customer service. I am furious with rockstar SMS they need to make this right.
    Until you do nothing in 2019 will excite us. You need to make thr RIGHT CHANGES before thr worthless ones.

  12. Anonymous says:

    R* could you do a police update where you can actually have a proper job like on the pc where people can roleplay or something like that. You can also have different varieties of emergency vechicles

  13. Flacko Jodye says:

    They should make a map for North Yankton and let people buy houses/property.
    They should also let people sell their houses/garage instead of trading it for another property.

  14. Dustin Maday says:

    I think rockstar should give us an update where we could lift and or lower trucks and dune buggies like they should give is an off-road update like I think everyone would be excited to lift the favorite truck in the game instead of having to always steal a sand king or sandking xl and they should also put in that updat where we could own our own garages and build cars and do engine swaps and run an automotive business

  15. Jesper Hedström says:

    Why cant we get to be cops and being able to buy cop cars from some site, it would be great for free mode, and every player wants to have this, so why rockstar are you not letting us have it when all of us players have made you guys rich you have made millions just on shark cards it self. And adding in a cop outfit and some cars cant be that hard to do.

  16. John says:

    Thr dream scenario for GTA online in 2019 would be if they remove the handling flags from all the cars that have them.. bouncy suspension and the rev limiter flag just dont work on a game that is made up of 90% of bumps on the normal GTA road. Im a professional racer on the game and i just wish they would remove it because it kills the side by side action you get during proper racing with your car bouncing all over the place. And not only that, it makes the car super twitchy and unstable to drive. Cars before these flags are so pleasant and smooth to drive. Its honestly a shame what they’ve done with these flags.

  17. Cargo says:

    Yeah I’m putting a lot of pressure on RS* to open the invite lobbies for all missions so that we can do supply runs and make some money in peace because of just how toxic the public lobbies have become.
    That way we can invite only those we want to grind with or do it solo without being griefed or other wise harassed .
    Most of the griefers have already glitched RS* out of millions and only want to make their KD level better and opening up the invite only lobbies will solve a lot of RS* issues. Will see how it goes

  18. Norris Sam says:

    What about single player online we need some love too

  19. AJ says:

    Who in his right mind still plays a 105yr ol game, unless ure suffering from tunnel vision and a lack of diversity. It boggles one’s mind to think that with all the amazing new games available that gamers could still do the same stuff over and over for such a long period of time. At the same time RS abuses this phenomena by adding dlc content to this game while it’s newest block buster release RDR2 is still lingering in Beta phase. And it’s all because these player allow Rockstar to still earn money from this game and by doing so postponing the possible future release of a potential GTA6 as well as postponing the release of RDO final version. The gaming world has gone totally nuts. Wake up people, GTAV is ure crack pipe which u cannot let go lololololololol.

  20. Justin says:

    Honestly, its not the hackers that ruin the experience. Its the people who only use exploasives and use the quick menu to buy mor rockets instead of having to go to ammunation THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS LEGAL ROCKSTAR. Theres so many game modes that nobody plays you can never get into a lobby from an old playlist BC NOBODY PLAYS THEM what a waste GTA ONLINE is probably still in beta mode for all we know

  21. Jason says:

    On the Police Issue, you can add a cop horn to any vehicle and you should be able to add police lights and siren to get through traffic better. Just let us store cop cars in our garages. It would be nice to have every Tire design available for any wheel. I’d like to have white letter tires on the lowrider wheels and not just the white walls. Please suggest that all wheels have every tire design available to use. Thanks from a serious GTA V player.

  22. Madison says:

    What is the sense of a cop horn if you don’t have the police lights or sirens and you can’t even role play as a police or any other emergency service.. when I join the GTA band wagon I expected to be upholding the law not against it.. GTA had disappointed me and my friends.. sorry to say but I wouldn’t recommend no body to play GtA 5 and where is the holsters like in red dead redemption. I like my character looking like a person of the law not against it .. and why a criminal business and not a legal “by the books” business.. things need to be done.