Today marks the start of another event week in Grand Theft Auto Online. In addition to the two new vehicle releases, this week players can partake in opportunities to earn double GTA$ and take advantage of more weekly discounts.

Picture Credit: @gaming_gearhead

The Pegassi Tezeract is now available

As of today, the Pegassi Tezeract is available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport. Based on the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio and SRT Tomahawk, this car isn’t exactly cheap, setting players back 2,825,000GTA$.

The Vapid Ellie is now available

The Vapid Ellie, a muscle car with an apparent aptitude for tearing limbs off brave drivers, has also been added to GTA Online. Based off on the 1967 Ford Mustang from Gone in 60 seconds, the Ellie is now available for purchase on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website. The Ellie will set back interested buyers 565,000GTA$ – 2.26 (2,260,000) million less than the Tezeract.


Until April 2, the race Hotring Circuit will continue to have double XP and GTA$ payouts. For the CEOs across San Andreas, Special Cargo sales are now worth double GTA$. Bodyguards and associates are not left out in the cold this time either. Regardless of whether players are a CEO or an underling, the double salaries and payouts should definitely help with the midweek blues.


This week, there is plenty of new discounts for players to enjoy, ranging from 30% off the FH-1 Hunter attack helicopter and Aquaries Yacht to saving 50% on warehouses.

Vehicle Upgrades
  • Spoilers – 25% off
  • Turbo – 25% off
  • Liveries – 25% off
  • Brakes – 25% off
  • Engines – 25% off
  • Exhausts – 25% off
  • Transmission – 25% off
Property Discounts
  • Special Cargo Warehouses – 50% off
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 – 50% off
  • Smoke Tree Road Bunker – 35% off
  • Arcadius Business Center – 30% off
Vehicle Discounts
  • FH-1 Hunter Helicopter – 30% off
  • Aquarius Yacht – 30% off

Time Trial and new Premium Race

This week, the Time Trial is ‘Del Perro Pier’ complete the time trial to be rewarded with GTA$ and RP.

Steeplechase is the premium race of the week, where the first three finishers earn extra GTA$ and all participants are awarded with triple the regular RP. As with previous premium races, Steeplechase can be launched through the Quick Job app on players’ in-game smartphone or via the corona located in Los Santos’ Legion Square.