As you more than likely know, the Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours update is releasing on July 24th. With Nightclubs, new vehicles and more coming to the game. Even Gay Tony is returning. Here are a few things from the trailer that are new to the game.

Blimps are coming to GTA Online

Some new Vehicles and Liveries coming with the update, including the Jester Classic

The Patriot is getting stretched into a Limousine. Liveries included

The Pounder Custom will be coming with the After Hours update. This is a customizable version of the Pounder. A Ram ramp and a Missiles are seen on this vehicle.

The Fortnite Bus has some competition. GTA Online is getting a Party Bus. It is not known if this is driveable or not

Another Militarized vehicle is coming with this update because we don’t have enough Military vehicles already (Vehicle on the far right)

Tony Prince from the Ballad Of Gay Tony is returning.

He’s not new, but he’s back, its Lazlow.