According to ScreenDaily, independent filmmakers are currently shooting a documentary which will tackle the development and creation of the world’s most popular entertainment product – Grand Theft Auto V.

The documentary, which will be titled The Billion Dollar Game, is currently scheduled to appear to possible buyers at next month’s American Film Market. Filming is said to combine new interviews and archived footage from the development period of Grand Theft Auto 5.

It is produced by Salon Pictures and is being directed by Rob Ryan, who has worked on previous documentaries such as Breaking Habits. “Jan Pace and James Atherton from finance outfit Quickfire Films are serving as executive producers on TheBillion Dollar Game, along with Cora Palfrey from Independent.”

Grand Theft Auto 5 has almost sold 100 million copies since its launch in September 2013 – where it grossed $1,000,000,000 in revenue in just three days, and made its record-breaking budget back in pre-orders alone.