Every open world game needs NPC characters in their worlds to make the world seem alive. Pretty much every open world game just have them places in the game and so something random in the background, usually just walking round, shouting something random, or the same animation over and over.

Rockstar Games have taken it to the next level in Red Dead Redemption 2, DefendTheHouse have done something most of us wouldn’t normally think about doing, following NPCS around to see what they actually get up to in 1 whole game day. Surprisingly they do a lot more than walking round or doing the same animation over and over until the de-spawn.

DefendTheHouse following around 3 NPCS to see what each NPC did each day. They did everything from going to the Saloon for a drink, going to work to either move hay, build Houses and more farm work. To returning to their homes at the end of each day to sleep. Yes, one NPC even rolls out of the Saloon each morning to go and do some Sheep Yard Work. Check out what each character does below, you can also check out the video below.


8:00am – Leaves his room at the Saloon and goes to work, it then takes him Two hours to walk to the farm he works on.

10:00am – Sheep Yard Work, this NPC will spend 2 hours and 30 minutes doing Sheep yard work before moving onto other Farm work.

12:3pm – He will now start to move bags of feed for the livefeed, he will do this until his work day is over at around 9pm.

9:15pm – Finishes work, the NPC now finishes work and starts to walk to the Saloon to grab a drink.

9:35pm – He now arrives at the saloon and goes to the bar for a drink.

12:05am – The NPC now heads home for the day and then goes to sleep for the night.

From spending a day with this NPC DefendTheHouse have gathered that this NPC works from out of his hometown and keeps himself to himself and doesn’t want to cause any trouble


6:45am – NPC Number 2 heads off to work, stumbling out of the Saloon where he was sat drinking.

7:05am – The NPC has arrived at work and starts to do some Building Cleanup on the houses they are constructing. He spends around 2 hours 40 minutes doing this.

9:45am – The NPC now enjoys his ‘Hard earned’ 15 minute work break.

10:00am – He will now start to construct parts of the building he is working on. He’ll be seen nailing wood down as flooring for nearly 4 hours.

1:45pm – The NPC heads back to the Saloon to enioy his Lunch break. He seems to have a 1 hour lunch break.

2:45pm – He heads back to work to do even more construction work for 3 more hours.

5:55pm – The NPC will grab a brush and start to clean up the mess he has caused throughout his working day before heading back to the Saloon for another drink.

7:15pm – The NPC will now spend his evening drinking, He will be seen standing with a woman on the top floor.

1:00am – The NPC will now retire for the day and will fall asleep at a table at the Saloon.

This NPC seems to like his drink, a lot. Seems to be homeless and sleep at the Saloon and is a construction worker.


6:25am – This NPC will start his morning activities quite early, chopping wood for his camp and dumping it where needed, he’ll also be seen sitting down and smoking.

7:10am – This NPC will go to work. He also doesn’t have a horse and walks.

7:15am – After a 5 minute walk to work, this NPC will begin to do Stable hand work, filling up buckets, carrying them and emptying them into the horses Trough. He’ll also pick up hay bails and move them to the correct location.

2:00pm – After 6 hours of hard graft, the NPC then goes onto his Lunch break. Where he heads back home, grabs his stew, sits down and eats it before putting the dish back into the sink and having a smoke.

3:0opm – The NPC then takes shelter at the farm with the other farm workers and the dog as it starts to rain. before returning to work again at 3:30pm

7:50pm – NPC number 3 has now finished work and heads to the Saloon.

8:00pm – This NPC also enjoys his drink as he has some evening drinks before returning home at around 11:30pm

This NPC seems to be a Stable Worker, and lives close to work. Also noticed is he seems to like smoking and also plays the Harmonica.

Watch the full video below