Rockstar Games will update its selection of songs available in Grand Theft Auto Online this Summer. They are introducing new house, techno, and electronic music from Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna.

The news was revealed in an Instagram post by Tale of Us, which posted a banner image with the four artists listed and a backdrop of Los Santos. A timeframe of ‘Summer 2018’ is also mentioned in the post. Thanks to GTA Series Videos for spotting this and bringing it to our attention!

The new house, techno, and electronic music additions are expected to be added via a new radio station as part of an upcoming, rumoured Nightclub Update. In a tweet on May 18th, Yan2295, a reliable source in the GTA Online community who often shares insider information, claimed that the next GTA Online update is themed around Nightclubs. It’s reportedly slated to release in June and will allow players to “buy and run nightclubs around Los Santos.”

Rockstar Games has yet to officially confirm the rumoured Nightclub Update, but do we know more content is coming to GTA Online in the future leading up to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. Stay tuned for more details on the supposed Nightclub Update and these new music additions to GTA Online as soon as have it.

Update: The Nightclub update has since been confirmed by Rockstar Games.


  1. How about some new damn rock n roll?! Is anyone else feeling underserved in the music department, in this game? Everything is rap n electronic, aside from 3 stations that have an extremely limited program. And now they want to add MORE overserved genres?! Ridiculous…

    • 1 lmao 2 no affence or anything but i dont like rock and roll but for real i think thy should add it for the ppl tht do like it👍👌

    • There is already a rock station no, and some people may like these genres, just because you don’t like them they are not overrated lol

    • I would love for there to be more rock n’ roll and classic rock songs, but they do not really go well with the nightclub scene, at least The Ballad of Gay Tony style clubs. If we were able to own Tequi-La-La, then I would say we would need more rock.

      • Just because it’s “night club themed” doesn’t mean the can’t a a rock n roll or classic rock or even a metal themed night club, like what we have in the real world for the people who like that kind of music

    • Right?!?! I have said to friends more than a few times that GTA V has by far the worst soundtrack of all time. I mean ya i get that its LA and there is a lot of pop and rap but, bands that are now legends of metal and rock also came from LA. I always thought San Andreas had a perfect soundtrack because the music reflected that area in the 90s perfectly. But we dont even get a metal station? It’s beyond silly.

  2. Yeah they need to update their music to some good rock and roll and they also need to update it to where you can have more garages on there so you can buy more vehicles for your classes because sorry but three garages are not enough to have all the vehicles you need for different classes

  3. I’m hoping for Daft Punk, FatBoy Slim, and Martin Garrix to be featured on this update. The songs I wanted from Daft Punk are Aerodynamic, One More Time, and Face to Face. The songs I wanted from FatBoy Slim are Right Here Right Now and Weapon of Choice. And the song I wanted from Martin Garrix is Animals.

  4. We need some real music like metalcore or punk rock food punk rock like MCR BEARTOOTH Guns & Roses Bonjovi

  5. I know how bout some five finger death punch avenge seven fold some real hard rock not like that screaming rock you got on there that’s why I like the Spotify app I can listen to the stuff I like while I play and no commercials

  6. I want to see gta make on off-road dlc like where can lift trucks that aren’t lifted and make them diesels and put stacks on them like everything in gtavis bling and shiny and we don’t need every dlc we had had been about low riders can we please get and off-road dlc

  7. Zachery it’s almost 2020… How about you take control of your music and stop whining like a baby. Mute your damn music and connect your music source to your sound system. I’m pretty sure you can even do it directly through the Xbox with an app to play your own library.


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