Rockstar Games parent company, Take-Two Interactive, have released their earnings report for the past quarter, which ended March 31st, 2018. Net revenue for the Quarter was $450.3million, this time last year it was $571.6million.

Obviously, most of you don’t care about how much Take-Two are making and you’re all here about Grand Theft Auto V, so all that information is below

Grand Theft Auto V ships 95 Million Units

Take-Two confirmed during the Conference call that Grand Theft Auto V has shipped over 95 Million copies worldwide across all platforms. That’s a total of five Million more copies of Grand Theft Auto V sold since the last Quarter.

Future updates confirmed for Grand Theft Auto Online

During the conference call, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that more players than ever are still logging in to play Grand Theft Auto Online. Confirming last year was a record year for GTA Online for money spent by players and the numbers of users logging in. Strauss Zelnick also confirmed that there is much more content planned going forward for GTA Online.

E3 2018

Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that they will be at E3 2018, but they won’t be showing any new products and will only be there for business meetings.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was also confirmed to still be releasing on October 26th, 2018.


  1. I think its good because as everything that is added people put sharkcards in it which is good for rockstar but another thing kids that have school the next bay are up till 4 in the morning getting money for stuff that came out

  2. Fortnite isnt even good it just took over because of youtubers and it uniq play genre that hasnt been explored really

  3. one of the richest companies dont take care Hackers…I can not play normal the game without damaging my experience


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