GTA Online received the Southern San Andreas Super Sport update last week, and it was met with mixed responses, as all updates are.

Today, former Rockstar Insider Yan2295 posted on the GTAForums(.com) some vague details about the upcoming update, which we aren’t expecting until May this year.

“It’s supposed to be fairly big, and about to be the consolidation of all the in-game businesses (crates, cars, bikers, bunkers, smugglers, etc.) into one. It might also be the last update, but we’ve heard that before, so take it as you want. Though the drip-feed of this one is supposed to near [October], so who knows.”

He kindly ends his message with “Happy Easter”.

From the looks of it, we’ll be getting a massive update at the end of May that will be merging every single previous business-themed update into one. We don’t exactly know what that will entail, but it sounds ambitious. Yan also quotes that it might be the last update, but to take that with a pinch of salt.

Yan has been correct with hundreds of leaks in the past, so we’re gonna take this one as a rumor with a huge backup against it.

What do you think? Let us know below!


    • OMG dude really? they stopped releasing new content for the ps3/360 THREE YEARS AGO ALREADY…..srsly get with it

  1. I hope it’s a map expansion because we really need a change of scenery. And let consoles have a few modes like fall out 4 does. GTA is a amazing game but we as player don’t have time to grind for 45mins just make enough money to buy one outfit…lol


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