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“Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition” rated by South Korean Gaming Board for XBOX ONE and Playstation 4


Update (9.3.18 09:03:18) Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition has been rated by the South Korean Gaming Rating Board for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Further indicating that the premium edition is in fact releasing. We still do not have any information on what it includes though.

Credit to @therealjackster on Twitter for letting us know


Today, Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition for Xbox One was listed on Amazon. Not many details were given, but it seems to support the Xbox One X, with enhanced visuals and 4k resolution. Additionally, with a listing price of nearly 70 euros ($86 USD/£61), it will most likely be bundled with the criminal starter pack or a shark card.

Release date

According to the Amazon listing, it is set to release on March 23, 2018. Although this could be fake, it’s unlikely considering it is from Amazon itself. In the past, Amazon has leaked games from Rockstar, a recent example of this was when it leaked Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Xbox 360 edition back in 2015. Although they could do this as a standalone update for Xbox One copies, it could prove to be a beneficial business idea to increase profits and boost sales of the game over 100 million copies, considering it has now sold in excess of 90 million copies.

Hopefully this gets confirmed within the next few weeks by Rockstar Games themselves.


  1. I dunno why they’re selling the standard copy of GTAV with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. Are there still people out there who don’t have GTAV???


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